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SKU : TSI-100097

Xantrax Power Distribution Box

Xantrex XW Series (PDP) Power Distribution Panel, XW-PANEL, 865-1015

A key component to a house system is a DC/AC Power Distribution box/panel that connects everything together in a single, code approved, box..including Inverters, solar charge controllers, master battery breakers, AC out breakers, and lots of room for expansion.

The XW Power Distribution Panel with conduit box is factory-wired and labeled to support a code-compliant single-inverter installation. The XW PDP can be configured to mount on either side of the inverter/charger. Internal wiring and breakers can be added to expand the XW System with up to three inverters, four charge controllers, or other equipment to support larger systems.Includes mounting back plate and and XW Conduit Box.

Accommodates both AC and DC breakers and wiring for three XW Hybrid Inverter/Chargers and four XW Solar Charge Controllers. Includes breakers and wiring to connect to XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger. Wiring is labeled and cut-to-length, ready to connect to inverter. Uses flexible Arctic Ultraflex Blue™ wires. Multiple knockouts on sides, top, bottom and back of unit.

The Power Distribution Panel enclosure come with a field-reversible panel door, pre-wired with:

  • Three 60 A, 120/240 Vac, two-pole, Square-D, Type QOU, DIN-rail mounted AC breakers for AC input, Bypass, and AC Load
  • One GJ250A 160 Vdc, 3/8 stud DC breaker
  • One ground terminal bus bar
  • One neutral terminal bus bar
  • One battery negative terminal bus bar
  • One pair #4/0 AWG Arctic Ultraflex Blue Battery Cables (factory installed and labeled, ready to connect)
  • #6 AWG Arctic Ultraflex Blue AC wiring (factory installed and labeled, ready to connect)
  • Room to expand - Five additional AC breaker positions for two-pole, 60 A Square D, Type QOU breakers; 10 additional DC breaker positions (eight for charge controller breakers and two for large GJ inverter breakers)
  • Mounting Plate
  • XW Conduit Box