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SKU : TSI-50200

Wind Max Diy 2000 Watt Wind Generator

NOTE: WIND SYSTEMS ARE RECOMMENDED AS SECONDARY SYSTEMS TO SOLAR.  They should only be considered as primary alternative energy systems after extensive wind studies have been completed at the installation site. 

Wind-Max 2000 Wind Generator System KitTOTAL SOLAR: WIND-MAX 2000 WIND GENERATOR SYSTEM KIT

Includes wind generator, carbon fiber blades, mounting hardware, rectifiers, 440A 12/24/48 Volt Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Controller with Volt and Amp Meter, Lightning arrestor, 2100 watt dump load resistor, 50 feet of cabling...basically, everything except the 1 1/2" pipe (& guy wires) to put it on. 

This wind generator is designed to be placed on a 40ft-60ft  1 1/2" pipe tower that is secured by 4-8 guy wires.  The recommended base is a pivot joint that allows the tower to be lowered/raised easily using various means.  It should be within 100 ft of the location of the Charge/dump load controller.  There are lots of videos of such towers on youtube. ​
(Note: there is a $485 flat rate shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.  Shipping to other places will need to be priced.)

   Note: As a General rule of thumb... at 50ft elevation, the wind blows twice as fast than ground level.  At 100 ft, the wind blows twice as fast than at 50ft.  Wind generators should be placed a minimum of 30 feet above any structure or tree, and 100 feet away from any tall buildings/trees.  

These generators (the heart of the syste) are specially designed wind generators with permanent magnets, slanted rotors, heavier coils/stators, larger cooling ducts. They are more efficient , have a wider range of power, and are less expensive than other systems on the market. As a comparison... it has twice the amount of copper wiring than a Delco generator of the same price. 
  • NO COGGING, easy to turn - CUT-IN SPEED IS 6 MPH
  • Wind-Max 2000 Wind Generator System KitComes with two heavy duty rectifiers & one hub spacer stabilizer
  • Includes fan and 80 mm double pulley
  • Skewed stator core with high grade electrical steel and heavy duty copper windings
  • 17 mm stainless steel shaft
  • 2x thick polished aluminum case (2 x’s thicker than delco)
  • Zinc plated 28 rare earth neodymium magnet rotor
  • For charging 12, 24, or 48 volt battery banks
  • Specifically designed for wind turbines.
  • Fits delco bolt patterns.  (has 4 bolt holes rather than the standard delco two holes)
PMG Specifications:
  • 3/8" diameter bolt holes
  • 1 15/16" on center between mounting holes
  • 5 7/8" OD widthPMG II 2000+ Wind Generator
  • 6 5/16" tall
  • 9 1/2" overall length
  • Aerodynamically tapered blades for maximum output.
  • Makes 79" swept area. Overall length from blades to tail is 43"
  • 38 inch G5 black carbon fiber blades self regulate their speed in high winds
  • All of the hardware necessary to mount the system on a 1 ½” pipe is included, including slip ring wiring system. .  (pipe  and guy wires are not included)Mounting Hardware
  • Includes Bearing yaw ring, 180 amp Slip Ring wiring 
  • (Note: The system comes with a base wire tension system which will last a lifetime. The single power transmission cord never twists because the wind never spins the turbine around in the same direction hundreds of times. Typically, the wind only comes from two directions. The manufacturer claims It has yet to be an issue with any one of the thousands of turbines they have distributed. However, we include the optional Slip Ring wiring.

440A 12/24/48 Volt Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Controller with Volt and Amp Meter

440A 12/24/48 Volt Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Controller with Volt and Amp Meter

  • Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Load Controller.
  • 440 Amp 12, 24 or 48 volts. 
  • High contrast LED dual volt/amp meters with on/off switch.
  • Built in DC Breakers.
  • Factory wired for both wind and solar.
  • 10,000 Watts! 8 x 12 Hoffman Box.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • Microprocessor controlled -- This is very important for both stability and functionality.
  • User changeable settings -- Several controllers on the market set the dump level, and that's that!
  • Super High amp rating - **440 Amps, up to 10,000 watts. 440 amps surge, 125 amps continuous.
  • Works directly with 12, 24 or 48 volt systems. -- The relay contacts can handle open collector voltages of up to 120 volts.
  • High Contrast LED battery voltage. - Several controllers do not tell you what's going on - This one does!
  • High Contrast LED turbine amperage meter -- Measures 3 digits to the left of the decimal, 2 digits to the right.
  • Meters can be shut using the on/off switch.
  • Two factory installed, fully wired DC breakers and disconnects.
  • Entire unit is wired and ready to go for both wind and solar.
  • Battery status LED
  • Push to test. Ever wonder if your controller & load are working OK?
  • Large (8" x 12") solid steel enclosure, with multiple conduit knockouts
  • Large enough terminal blocks that you can actually terminate large wire (See notes below.)
  • The electronics are fully isolated from the enclosure, no ground loops.
  • Draws almost no energy while monitoring (all electronics must use some power, to work -- this is a miser)
  • Reverse Polarity protected.
ADDITIONAL INCLUDED EQUIPMENTAdditional Included EquipmentAdditional Included Equipment
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Double 90 Amp 1000 Volt 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier KitAdditional Included Equipment

  • 2100 watt dump load (air).  Water heating element is available.