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03/26/2017 - What to Do During a Power Outage

During a Power OutageAs we all know, bad weather causes us to experience power outages from time to time. Most people, however, don’t plan specifically for these types of emergency. This lack of planning can be both costly and dangerous. From a solar power backup generator to emergency radios and flashlights, do you know what to do during a power outage?

Planning Ahead – Keep Stock of the Essentials

Emergency preparedness is crucial to staying safe during a power outage. Unfortunately, we don’t always know an emergency is going to happen before it does. That’s why there are some supplies you should always keep on hand, just in case.
Stock up on flashlights, batteries, and solar-powered lanterns. If the power goes out, you’ll likely need to have some way to see in the dark. While some people stock candles, they can be a fire hazard and aren’t recommended.
In addition to being able to see, you’ll also want to know what’s going on. Keep an emergency radio on hand to stay on top of the situation. These radios come in both battery-powered and hand crank versions, though owning a hand crank radio might be advantageous if you won’t remember to check the batteries often.
Emergency preparedness
In today’s modern age, another form of essential communication is the mobile phone. Since many individuals use their mobile phone for the internet as well as communicating with family and emergency personnel, it’s important to be able to keep these devices charged. Solar-powered chargers and power banks are both options to keep devices charged while the power is out.
Another consideration in planning ahead is protecting your basic needs. Without food and water, all the rest of your planning will be for naught. Having bottled water and perishable food on hand is vital to staying safe and healthy during a power outage.

Planning AheadGenerators and Other Power Systems

Generators and Other Power SystemsStocking the necessary emergency supplies is paramount to safety, but what if you could lessen a need for these items? Generators and personal power generation can be an alternative way to alleviate power issues during a power outage.
Technology has given us great advances, such as portable solar solutions like generators. It’s also given us permanent solar panels that allow for on- and off-grid options. These and various other devices mean that we can have power even when power lines are down. Once you have them installed, you’ll never have to worry about a power outage again.

When You Know It’s Coming

There are extra measures you should take when you know bad weather is coming. For instance, ensure your car has a full tank of gas before a storm hits. Charge your electronic devices before the power goes out. Purchase ice to keep perishables cool if the power does go out. Create your own emergency preparedness kit to stay prepared for a power outage or other emergency.
Preparing for a power outage before it happens is the key to staying safe. There’s a solar system for every need and situation. Call us at (208) 745-7100 or contact us today to find out what solution is right for you!

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