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03/12/2017 - How Having a Solar Portable Generator System Could Save Your Life

It used to be that solar was just another option in a world of energy products; that’s no longer the case. Today’s solar DIY house kits and systems are an affordable and sensible alternative to expensive options like fuel and coal-powered electricity on the grid. They’re cleaner, simpler, and relatively easy to access, especially when used as a backup power source.
However, the benefits to the environment are hardly the only reason to install a solar power generator; as it turns out, your system could even protect you and keep you alive in an emergency, too.

Solar Portable Generator SystemHeating and Cooling

Live in an area that becomes extremely cold in the winter or warm in the summer? Places like Alaska and New Mexico are notorious for their temperature extremes, and living in either can be disastrous if you lose access to the power grid during the very worst days. Having a solar generator gives you instant access to heating and cooling during a crisis. Sure, it might only be space heaters or portable A/C rather than central air, but that’s enough to prevent heat exhaustion or frozen pipes on the coldest days and nights of the year.
Food Loss Prevention

In the event of a hurricane or a tornado, proper food storage is everything. When local power grids go down, most people revert to eating canned foods and just assume that what’s in the fridge and freezer is a lost cause, but it doesn’t have to be that way—at least not with a solar generator system. Provided that your system has battery storage, most generators can successfully power a refrigerator for a total of between 18 and 25 hours.
You can micromanage this approach and extend the time by cooling everything inside in blasts and keeping the door shut as much as possible. With continuous daily recharging, it is effectively possible to keep your food safe for weeks at a time. This means having access to healthier food, and, in the case of diabetics, safe storage of temperature-safe medications, too.

Food Loss PreventionCommunication System Maintenance

Do you have enough batteries to keep smartphones, radios, and other communication methods connected for an extended outage? Most people think they do, but reality turns out to be something quite different.
Batteries are very prone to damage and really only last so long if they’re disposable. This can make staying connected to emergency and information sources downright impossible after just a few days, placing you at significant risk if someone becomes sick or is otherwise injured.
Rechargeable batteries are the answer, but you need a power source to keep them going or they’re really just glorified disposables. Attaching a recharging station to your solar generator is the best way to accomplish this critical step. Provided that you have a robust system, you should, theoretically, be able to keep most rechargeable cell batteries, smartphone batteries, and even laptop batteries going for at least several days if not several weeks.
Having access to reliable power in a crisis or blackout isn’t just about luxury, it’s about keeping your family safe and protected. If you have questions about whether or not a solar portable generator system is right for your home, contact Total Solar Technologies today.
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